Difference Between Yellow Sapphire and Topaz


Difference Between Yellow Sapphire and Topaz

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It is a known fact that among the two most amazing and best stones in the world, yellow sapphire and topaz is considered as one of the most classy stones in the whole world. Both of them are unique in their places and are much loved by people, but still there are some of the differences that make these two stones completely different from each other. Yellow sapphire is mentioned to be the gemstone which is very expensive and very rare to find. You will be able to get the sapphire in various shades of color in which the yellow sapphire is one of the impressive best. On the other side of the story as we mentioned about Topaz they are another of the most famous gemstones in the world. Hence, they are defined as the stone of aluminum silicate with fluorine. Yellow sapphire and topaz look quite similar and no one can identify them if they are shaded the same color. You can find most Topaz gemstones in yellow. They are widely used by women in rings and pendants.

Comparison chart

yellow sapphire Topaz
Myth They are in great demand because people have perceived that they are used to curing diseases. Topaz is also one of the most in-demand gemstones because they are accessible in a variety of color combinations.
Appearance Rough Sparkly
Price Expensive Cheap
Hardness The hardness of is 9 on the Mohs scale. The hardness is 8 on the Mohs scale.

Yellow Sapphire Definition

Yellow sapphire is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. They are very famous among people who are in love with wearing it around the neck or in the form of rings and pendants. It is a stunning looking gemstone that can be accessed in a variety of color combinations. This gemstone belongs to the corundum family. He is even known by the name of Pukhraj in India. Some of the best favorite colors found in the sapphire gemstone are yellow, violet, green, pink, blue, and many more. An interesting conception about this gemstone is that it is best used to cure illnesses. This is the main reason why it is in high demand among the people. While you will capture this precious stone, You will find that it has such an attractive appearance that it will make you fall deeply in love with this gemstone. Yellow Sapphire gemstones are very similar in color to Topaz. Once you see them, you definitely won’t be able to identify between the two. It is found in scarce quantity which makes it even more in demand.

Definition of topaz

In the next one we will talk about Topaz! Topaz is not that rare compared to yellow sapphire. They are found in greater quantity on Earth. They are very similar in appearance to yellow sapphire. This is the main reason why some of the jewelry box owners sell Topaz instead of Yellow Sapphire. You can find them in numerous shades of color. This is the main reason why people find the Topaz gemstone one of the most attention-grabbing gemstones. When you see Topaz in its pure form, they can usually be accessed in a colorless form. But as they are added with impurities, they become incredibly colorful. Some of the common shades found in Topaz are orange, yellow, brown, gray and many more.

Differences in a nutshell

  1. Yellow sapphire is famous for being popular in India under the name of Pukhraj. They are in great demand because people have perceived that they are used to curing diseases. Topaz is also one of the most in-demand gemstones because they are accessible in a variety of color combinations. This makes them look much more attractive compared to yellow sapphire.
  2. Topaz and yellow sapphire are similar in appearance, but topaz has cheap rates compared to yellow sapphire.
  3. Topaz is easily accessible in large quantity in the world, but yellow sapphire is very rare and it is also much more expensive.
  4. Yellow sapphire is known to be the precious gemstone while on the other side topaz is at best a semi-precious gemstone.
  5. The price and brilliance of yellow sapphire is not less than that of diamonds.
  6. Also, the hardness of yellow sapphire is 9 on the Mohs scale, but the hardness of topaz is only 8 on the Mohs scale.
  7. Sapphire belongs to the corundum family and is an aluminum oxide. And topaz is an aluminum silicate.
  8. Yellow sapphire has been installed with higher density and specific gravity than topaz. Yellow sapphire is harder compared to topaz.

Final Thought

Jewelry is the most common accessory when it comes to women, but there are many types of jewelry that have qualities based on their shapes, sizes, and other things. This article, therefore, lays out the main points about the two most common types of stones that are very famous among women and men alike.

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