Differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

As many know, WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two very similar terms that those who enter the world of computing often come across. Both refer to a CMS (Content Management System) or content manager that allows you to publish written content, photos, multimedia and much more on the Internet.

They therefore refer to a platform for creating web pages, be they blogs, forums, corporate pages or online stores. In this sense, below we will present the definitions of WordPress.org and WordPress.com as well as the differences that exist between them for the consideration of the readers.


Basically, WordPress is a content management system focused on the creation of any type of website, so WordPress.org is a website where you can download the WordPress platform in .zip format freely. Once the software is installed on a server (that is, in the space that is contracted to the hosting company) it can be used.

Likewise, WordPress.org is an open, free and open site that depends on the foundation “The WordPress Foundation”, a non-profit foundation, chaired by Matt Mullenweg. Next, the software you download from WordPress.org allows you to install the themes you want regardless of who owns them. Likewise, it allows you to create new themes and allows you to install plugins or small programs that are added to the basic installation of WordPress, to extend and expand its functionalities.

This software goes without advertising, the user can add advertising if he wishes and its maintenance is the user’s responsibility, so if they present new versions the user must update them. Finally, the software allows unlimited customization and although it is free, you will need to buy a domain and hire a hosting to be able to use it.


It can be said that WordPress.com is a brand that depends on -Automattic-, a for-profit company created by Matt Mullenweg, which offers a service that allows you to create a blog or website using WordPress software without the need to hire a hosting or a domain. That is why all blogs hosted on WordPress.com have the url (address) -.wordpress.com.-.

It is worth noting that the service offered by WordPress.com does not allow you to install the themes you want, you can only choose among those they offer. Similarly, WordPress.com does not allow you to install any plugins. It should be noted that this service shows ads, so if you want to remove them, you must cancel an annual membership.

On the other hand, it is a service that does not require maintenance, since they do it themselves, since it is their software that they have installed on their server, so new versions are updated through the service. Finally, WordPress.com has a free service, but if upgrades (updates and extensions) are required, such as more than 3GB of space or a custom domain, the paid service must be contracted.

As you can see, there are several differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, which are detailed below:

wordpress.org wordpress.com
It depends on the non-profit foundation “The WordPress Foundation”. It depends on Automattic, a for-profit company.
It allows you to install the themes you want, you can even create new themes. It does not allow you to install the themes that you want, you can only choose between those that they offer.
Allows you to install plugins. It does not allow to install plugins.
Does not include advertising. The free service includes advertising while the paid service does not.
Maintenance is at the user’s expense. The maintenance is paid by the company.

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