Difference between WordPress and Joomla

Main difference

Both WordPress and Joomla can be used to create amazing websites. Both are content management systems, but they differ based on popularity, cost, installation, and a few other factors. Choosing which system to use can be difficult, but it is an important decision. For most people, once they have started one, they will not want to change. WordPress and Joomla have established themselves as leaders in online content management systems. WordPress has 140 million downloads, while Joomla has 30 million downloads. WordPress has more than 2000 free themes Joomla has more than 900 themes

What is WordPress?

It is the most popular CMS. In essence, WordPress is a blogging system. However, you are not limited to a blog as you can also create websites with static pages. It is a great platform for beginners and can grow with you.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful CMS that is ideal for creating all types of websites, including business, corporate, government, non-profit organizations, schools, and blogs. Beginners may have a hard time with it due to the complexity of its structure.

Key differences

  1. People really like the WordPress interface because it is better than the Joomla interface.
  2. Joomla is much more flexible in some important things compared to WordPress.
  3. Joomla can do a lot more tricks compared to WordPress.
  4. WordPress was released in 2003, while Joomla was released in 2005.
  5. WordPress has 140 million downloads, while Joomla has 30 million downloads.
  6. WordPress has more than 2000 free themes Joomla has more than 900 themes.
  7. WordPress has a manual installation time of 5 minutes, while Joomla has a manual installation time of 10 minutes.
  8. WordPress has over 27,000 plugins, while Joomla has over 7,000 plugins.
  9. WordPress is used by Sony, CNN, and Forbes. Joomla is used by Harvard University and The Hill.
  10. WordPress is the best option for beginners, while Joomla requires some kind of technical knowledge.
  11. we compare WordPress and Joomla in terms of SEO competition. There is no hiding the fact that WordPress is substantially better for SEO than Joomla.

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