Difference between WinZip and WinRar

Main difference

If you belong to the generation after 99 than ever, ask the generation of early 90 about the price of the hard drive at that time. Almost in the early years of the 21st century, the hard drive was available in small size and expensive price. Hence the need for software that can compress the file size and help save space. Nowadays, WinZip and WinRar are two famous compressors, which are used to compress the file size and also offer some additional benefits and features. Let’s discuss them one by one.What is WinZip?

WinZip is the first compression software, which has been a popular software since April 1991. It was first created for file compression, but now its range of functions has increased. You can use it for file sharing, file management, conversion from PDF to Word and vice versa, driver updates, registry optimization, messaging, and malware protection. This software is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Compressing and sending large files has become very easy with this software. In addition, WinZip Email Companion Version for MS Outlook 2002, 03 and 07, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel is also available for the same version described.

What is WinRar?

WinRar is a new compression software and shareware than WinZip. WinRar first introduced context menu, archive, and expand options. It is capable of supporting Zip format in addition to its specific Rar format. WinRar is available in 45 languages ​​for Windows XP or later, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Android. This software can unzip 17 archive files. WinRar has a file compression size from 1 MB to 1 GB. Currently, more than 500 million users use this software for file compression, transfer, email transmission and data storage organization. It is an ideal software for multimedia files as it automatically detects the best and proper compression method for your file. A size less than 2 MB is not enough to use this.

Key differences

  1. WinRar is available in 45 languages, while WinZip is available in only seven languages, which is six times less than WinRar.
  2. WinRar offers standard RAR compression and solid compression options, which is not available in WinZip.
  3. WinZip totally ignores broken file extraction, split archive, and compression dictionary size settings, but WinRar is available.
  4. Pause and size settings after each volume available by WinRar, not by WinZip.
  5. WinZip’s conversion rate for text files, Word files, bitmap files and 3D CAD files is twice that of WinRar.
  6. WinRar’s security features are more advanced and protective than WinZip.
  7. With the help of WinRar, you can unzip 17 compressed files, while WinZip offers only the option of 13 compressed files.
  8. WinZip is useful for multiple tasks in addition to simple compression. It offers you conversion of PDF files to MS Word and vice versa, driver updates and malware protection, which is lacking in WinRar.
  9. WinRar accepts the WinZip format, but WinZip does not allow the WinRar archive format.

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