Differences between Windows and Linux.

Due to the growing use of Linux as an operating system, which although it is not yet as widely used in personal computers as Windows, it has aroused a lot of curiosity among people and common users about what it is, what advantages it can have and how it differs. Therefore, it is in our interest to show you the differences and clarify some doubts regarding these operating systems such as Windows and Linux.


Windows is called an operating system -payment- for computers, tablets, laptops and cell phones. It had its beginnings in the year 1985, so different versions have been released over the years, from Windows 1.0 (1985) to Windows 10 (2014).

It is common to find that due to the Windows operating system, it was possible to know the graphical interface based on -windows- in computers, since different operating systems, as well as the first versions of this company (Microsoft) were based on commands. So you had to use the keyboard and have a little more advanced computer skills.


It is commonly called Linux, a free operating system for computers, tablets, laptops and cell phones. This operating system had its beginnings in the 90s and is currently becoming widely used, since we can find it -en masse-, on mobile devices, such as the -android- system, which is an operating system designed for mobile phones but it is based on Linux and is the type of free or open source software.

Unfortunately, despite the many advantages offered by this type of system, it has not become popular among common computer users due to its relatively complex interface, since, in general, computer and programming knowledge was required to be able to interact with this system. operating, although this has improved considerably over time and now we can find distributions like Ubuntu that are very user friendly but there are still limitations.

From the above we can summarize some differences between Windows and Linux:

Linux Windows
It is a free operating system. Windows licenses must be paid for.
It is an operating system with an open source code. (Anyone can view and modify it.) Windows source code is closed (no one can see and modify it, only Microsoft)
There is not so much variety of programs, software companies do not always develop programs to work on Linux. Software companies mostly develop programs to run under Windows.
It is possible to read and modify Windows, Macintosh and other files. It is only possible to read and modify files specific to your operating system.
Stability is high, due to its implementation it is difficult for the program to present failures. It is less stable in comparison. It is more common to see failures in the Windows environment.
It requires greater knowledge of programming to be able to handle it, although every day they are more committed to making the interfaces more friendly for the common user. It is very easy to handle for any type of people.
It is less used on personal computers. However, it is widely used at the server level of large companies. It is common to see that the vast majority of computers use Windows. Although it is not widely used in servers.
The programs or applications are usually free. The vast majority of programs or applications are paid.

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