Differences between Windows 10 pro and Windows 10 pro N

Basically, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro N are two versions or updates of the Windows 10 Operating System developed by the multinational company Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. In this sense, between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro N there are some differences, which we will see below based on their brief definitions.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro is one of the versions of the Windows 10 operating system specifically for use on computers, tablets, smartphones, Xbox, and other embedded systems. Thus, Windows 10 Pro is a system focused on small business users, therefore, it has the following characteristics:

    • Allows you to create and join a domain (work network).
    • It favors the management of group policies.
    • Virtualization using the Hyper-V system.
    • Maximum supported RAM memory of 2TB.
    • BitLocker encryption software that allows users to ensure the best protection against hackers.
    • It allows users to encrypt specific files and folders, which provides much more flexibility.
    • You can use remote desktop connections and be controlled remotely.
    • You have the ability to defer updates to prevent your computer from rebooting itself in times of greatest need.

Windows 10 ProN

Windows 10 Pro N is a version of Windows 10 Pro designed specifically for European countries. This is because, the Microsoft company created the N editions to meet the requirements of the European Commission regarding the integration of multimedia components in Windows. In this sense, the EC considers that the incorporation of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player and its link as a default program harmed other multimedia players, for which reason it was considered an abuse of a dominant position by Microsoft.

So, the N edition of Windows 10 Pro consequently dispenses with Windows Media Player and other multimedia components which were supposed to cause errors in third-party applications. For reference, the download to bring back Windows Media Player in Windows 10 Pro N edition is Media Feature Pack for N and KN (South Korean version).

Taking into consideration the characteristics and specifications indicated, it can be said that the main differences between these two particular versions of the Windows operating system are due to the place for which the system was created. Consequently, we find that:

  • Windows 10 Pro is an update of the Windows 10 operating system developed by the Microsoft company in 2015, while Windows 10 Pro N is a version aimed at European countries, in order to meet certain requirements of the European community in terms of media applications.
  • Windows 10 Pro has Windows Media Player with its different multimedia components while Windows 10 Pro N does without Windows Media Player and its different multimedia components.

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