Difference between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Main difference

The main difference between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is that a Wildlife Sanctuary is an area declared responsible for the protection of certain wild species, while the National Park is an area organized by the government that deals with the security and also the development of all wild species. species.

Wildlife sanctuary vs national park

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a relatively small piece of land under some experts who are concerned with the rehabilitation of wild living beings, while the National Park is a large area supervised and organized by the government for the protection and development of all species. endangered and threatened and also ancient objects.

The Wildlife Sanctuary only maintains species of wild animals and birds that are rare and provides them with a suitable and hygienic environment. Instead, the National Park conserves all rare wild species, unique items, and anticipated ones with close enough natural habitat to enable them to exist and flourish to a greater extent.

Generally, the public can do tourism and other purposes in the Wildlife Sanctuaries, but ordinary people cannot enter the National Parks. No specific limits are found in the Wildlife Sanctuaries, while the government recognizes strict margins for the National Parks.

Comparison chart

wildlife sanctuary National Park
It is an area that deals with the protection and conservation of certain wild species declared threatened or in danger of extinction. It is a highly assembled zone for the development and protection of a significant number of wild plants, wild animals and any other rare species and objects.
It has capacity for animals, birds, reptiles and insects, etc. Accommodate plants, animals, birds, insects, reptiles and old objects.
Purpose / Objective
To prevent wildlife from being abused and keep it in a hygienic environment. Protect and develop wildlife so that it is not eliminated from the world.
Undetermined. Determined by the government
People can visit it for tourism or research purposes. The public is very restricted.
The Wildlife Sanctuary can be under the government or any private organization. The national park is under government control only.

What is Wildlife Sanctuary?

Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural area or place under any private or government organization that conserves rare animals, reptiles, insects, and birds, etc. especially those that are threatened or endangered. It can also be considered as an artificially managed area to protect wildlife from hunting and abuse. There are no strict limits recognized by the government or organization. People can visit it for fun or any other purpose, but hunting animals is completely prohibited. Individual permits are not required to enter the Wildlife Sanctuary for research or recreational purposes.

The purpose of the Wildlife Sanctuary is to reduce the risk of extinction of wild beings, and provide them with security along with a healthy environment. There are many wildlife sanctuaries in different parts of the world.

In the Wildlife Sanctuary, the animals are treated in the best way. Animal testing is prohibited in the Wildlife Sanctuary. The parts or products such as milk, eggs, etc. of animals are not marketed. Animals can feel protective and in an environment like their homes. One of the vital goals of the sanctuary is to educate the public. They work to change the thinking of humans and the way they treat animals.

The management of the sanctuary is also as important as its development. They hire guards or rangers who roam the region. They work to protect animals from predation and harassment from the environment.

What is a National Park?

A National Park is a large area that is under strict government control for the protection and development of all flora and fauna, historical objects and rare items. Mainly, it provides all wild plants, animals, birds and reptiles with a natural habitat free from human influence so that they can live and breed freely in the wild.

Every day people are not allowed to enter the National Park as this area is of high reliability. Only experts or professionals can enter or make changes for the cause of development. The national parks are physically fenced and kept under security. There are many national parks that are owned and regulated by the government in different countries around the world.

National Parks not only protect wild animals, but also a source of heritage, so that they do not harm them, which will amuse the people of the future. Any act that can create a stressful environment for the species is prohibited – it increases the economy of the country, which has more National Parks. Tourism increases the economic situation of the country. The staff is hired for the supervision and conservation of animals.

Key differences

  1. The Wildlife Sanctuary protects the wild indigenous people from abuse, while the National Park protects and also plays a role in the development of the wild species.
  2. The Wildlife Sanctuary is a relatively small area while the National Park covers a vast area to provide a natural habitat for wild organisms.
  3. Wildlife Sanctuary ownership can be under any government or private organization, but a National Park is always under government control.
  4. There are no strict limits outside the Wildlife Sanctuaries. On the other hand, low value fences surround National Parks.
  5. Human activities are allowed up to a specific limit in wildlife sanctuaries on the other side. Such action is not allowed in the National Park.
Final Thought

The Wildlife Sanctuary protects wildlife and allows the public to visit with fewer restrictions, while the National Park protects and ensures the flourishing of all wild species with high limits and no public access.

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