Difference between white eggs and brown eggs

Main difference

The latest theory says that there is no clear difference between these two egg colors. However, genes, hens, these lay these eggs, and many other factors reveal the difference between two types or according to the scientific color of the eggs.

What are white eggs?

The white eggs are laid by broilers or hybrids. Before the formation of the broiler, the concept of white eggs did not exist and all types of chicken of all breeds laid brown eggs. There are two other types of white eggs: first, they are used for later reproduction; and secondly, that they are not able to reproduce anymore, since they are only used for domestic consumption. White eggs are laid by hens with white earlobes that are mainly present in broilers.

What are brown eggs?

The brown eggs are laid by domesticated native chickens or native breeds of chicken or desi chicken. Brown eggs are natural eggs compared to white eggs that are the result of cloning. Most of the brown eggs are used for domestic consumption and for later reproduction. Brown eggs are laid by hens with red earlobes that are mainly present in all types of native chicken breeds. The scientist says there is no difference between the notorious ones but in desi or the natives of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal know the value of desi eggs or brown eggs.

Key differences
  1. The brown eggs contain more noticeable as compared to the white eggs.
  2. The yolk of brown eggs is darker yellow than the yolk of white eggs.
  3. The shells of brown eggs are harder than the shells of white eggs.
  4. The size and weight of white eggs are larger than brown eggs.
  5. White eggs are cheaper than brown eggs.
  6. For medical and health purposes, Asians mainly use brown eggs.
  7. The white eggs are laid by hybrid chickens, while the brown eggs are laid by native breeds of chickens.
  8. Chickens with white lobes lay mostly white chickens, while brown eggs are laid by chickens with red or brown lobes.
  9. At least eat two brown and white eggs in summer season at different times or days, you will get to know the real difference.

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