What is the difference between White and Caucasian

The term white is used to designate people by their skin color, it is generally related to people of European origin or to people who meet different characteristics in their skin, hair and eye color. The term Caucasian is more extensive, it defines populations that have certain variations in shape, size, eye color and hair color.


This term has various concepts throughout history. It is currently used to define those people with a light skin tone. It not only encompasses Caucasians but people who share quirks like more facial and body hair than other ethnicities.

Currently, some currents define as white the descendants of the first Europeans who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula during the Ice Age and who are defined as having the R1b haplogroup of the Y chromosome, very abundant in the populations of Ireland, England, Spain, Wales, certain areas of France and Italy and parts of northern Europe.


It is a term that describes the human race as classified by Blumenbach (a German anthropologist) in his essay on races. Describes the populations of Western Eurasia, this includes Europe, Western Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, and even South Asia.

This term comes from the Caucasus mountains, where this human race is believed to have come from. Caucasians are people with fair skin (from fair to light tan), blonde, red, brown, or black hair, diverse eye color, facial and body hair, thin lips, a straight nose, and a high forehead. These features are thought to be an adaptation to cooler, less sunny climates.

Difference Between White and Caucasian

  • Caucasians represent a larger group of people. It is made up of Arabs, North Africans, Somalis, some people from India and Ethiopia.
  • Whites are a racial group that mostly belongs to Europe.
  • Whites have exclusively light skin.
  • Caucasians have white or slightly tan skin and both nose and lips are thin.
  • The concept of “white race” originated in the 17th century. It was a term coined to differentiate light-skinned people from dark-skinned people.
  • The term “Caucasian” dates back to the 19th century and comes from the Caucasus Mountains region. This race came to be considered superior to whites according to some essays on the races, causing racial separations and conflicts.

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