Difference between white and black race

Race is understood as the different human groups that differ from each other based on their particular genotypic and phenotypic characteristics such as skin pigmentation, eye color, hair color and type, facial features, height and other particular characters that distinguish them. as a human group.

Although the term race has a greater application for the designation of the different types of animals (animal races), it is very common to use it to refer to the different human groups that can be Caucasian, African or Negroid, Mongoloid or Asian or Australian. In this sense, in this article we are going to point out the differences that exist between the white race (Caucasian) and the black race (African or Negroid) based on their characteristics.

White race

The white race, better known as the Caucasian race, are the human groups whose physical appearance is mainly characterized by a light skin color and corresponds to individuals originating in Europe and their descendants. There are different types of white race, this classification is due to the origin of the various human groups.

Consequently, we have a white Mediterranean race, originally from southern Europe and northern Africa and western Asia; Eastern-European breed, originating in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, among others) Alpine breed originating in Central Europe; Dinaric or Armenian race, originating from the Balkan peninsula, Nordic or Teutonic race, originating from the Scandinavian peninsula; Anatolian race, typical of the area of ​​Turkey, Syria, and northern Iraq and Iran; Turanian breed, originally from the Caspian Sea area; south-eastern race, typical of South Eastern Europe; Indo-Afghan race, typical of Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India and Ainu race, originating in part of Russia.

Among the most predominant characteristics of the white race in terms of their physical appearance we can mention pale skin coloration that varies according to the origin of their ethnic group and generally with freckles; iris coloration varying in various shades of brown, blue, green, and gray; hair ranging from black, brown, red and blonde tones, generally fine and straight; facial features characterized by thin lips, elongated chest, and generally tall stature; They usually have a large amount of body hair, as well as an abundant beard and mustache in men.

It is important to note that these characteristics are not exactly the same for all Caucasians. Derived from miscegenation and product of the mixture of races, there is a great variety of individuals with characteristics different from those mentioned. As for the non-visible characteristics, the white race in general is very disciplined, with great intellectual and adaptive capacity, with organizational capacity and usually possesses many creative skills.

black race

The black race, better known as the Negroid or African race, is the group of individuals originating from the African continent, characterized mainly by a dark skin color.

Among the different types of black race that are distinguished, we can mention the melano-African race originating from the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania; Ethiopian race, corresponding to Ethiopia, Somalia and the peoples located on the right bank of the Nile; black or pygmy race, typical of equatorial Africa and some areas of the Philippines and Borneo; Khoisán race, inhabitants of the southwestern area of ​​Africa; Melanesian race, which inhabits the islands located northeast of Australia, between New Guinea and the Fijis and the Melano-Indian race, which inhabits a large part of the territory of India, especially in its central zone.

Black individuals are characterized by having a dark coloration in the skin, product of the amount of melanin necessary for protection against sunlight, which can vary depending on the origin of the human group or ethnicity; they tend to be more muscular and slimmer; they have a larger skull and more pronounced facial features such as a broader nose and thick lips; They have very thick and curly hair and iris coloration, generally dark brown.

However, due to the hybridization product of races, it is possible to find individuals descending from these original races with other physical characteristics. Regarding the non-visible characteristics, the black race in general is very suitable for manual and body work because they have a lot of muscular strength, they are also more intuitive and culturally oriented.

In view of the above, it can be said that the main differences between the white race and the black race are:

White race black race
It is originally from Europe. It is native to Africa.
They have light skin coloration. They have dark skin coloration.
They have less pronounced facial features. They have very pronounced facial features.
He has brown, blond and reddish hair, thin and straight. They have thick, curly black hair.
The color of the iris ranges from shades of honey, light brown, blue and green. The color of the iris is usually dark brown.

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