What is Equity

Equity is a term with fuzzy boundaries. It is often confused with equality, and although they are similar, they are not the same. Equity is a concept that seeks justice within equality. This requires a fair distribution among “unequals”, that is, “for each one according to his needs and to each one according to his abilities”. Equitable treatment is given by distributing to each one what he needs, no more, no less. This involves equal treatment for all, taking into account their differences and respecting each one of them. It can be said that within equity there is no equality, but justice. For example, gender equity ensures that there is justice between both genders.

When talking about equity, then, we are talking about an equal and fair distribution of obligations, responsibilities and benefits. If there were equality between all the components of a society, we would be talking about an unjust society. This is because the different capacities of each of its members would not be taken into account. Equity, therefore, supposes an unequal treatment between unequals that guarantees fairer conditions for all.

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