What is Clericot

Clericot, also known in some countries as clericó, is an alcoholic preparation with a very interesting history. This dates back to the times when the Roman Empire came to Great Britain. At that time, the Celts celebrated Samheinand as part of the celebration, jars of wine were prepared with pieces of various fruits inside. In parallel, the Romans celebrated the goddess of fruits at the same time. They prepared a drink similar to that of the Celts, with wine and fruit. Clericot was born from the mixture of these two customs. Currently there are several recipes to prepare it, some have even changed red wine for other alcoholic beverages, such as rum or vodka. The truth is that it always retains the same structure: pieces of fruit (apple, peach, strawberry, kiwi, grapes, melon, etc.), wine, sugar and a soft drink of preference (lemon soft drink is recommended). It is likely that due to its ingredients, some people confuse it with sangria , however it is good to know that these are two different prepared drinks.

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