What is art

Art is an activity in which the human being finds satisfaction to his aesthetic and communicative desires. This consists of recreating feelings or aspects of real life or the subconscious through different materials, images, sounds, etc. As a form of expression, it is a means to communicate or make known to others emotions, ideas and individual and personal visions of the world. Some of the resources that art uses include different materials, language (the language), sounds, body movements, etc.

Art is one of the components of culture. It is about the sublimation of culture focused on the satisfaction of certain emotional and spiritual needs.

However, art does not only respond to these spiritual and emotional needs. Art has other functions besides giving “delight” or causing some emotion in its viewer. It can be used for educational, social and even commercial purposes.
Finally, it is good to emphasize that this concept is by no means absolute. Its definition is always subjective, it can change depending on the historical context in which it is used. In addition, it can be used to speak, for example, of any human activity carried out with sufficient care or simply to refer to a talent or ability.

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