Difference Between Web Application and Website

Main difference

If you are thinking of creating a product presentation for your organization or business, you should first consider whether you want to create a product app or a product website or both. If you have in mind that the web application or the websites are the same, check your opinion because there is a fine line between them. Here we will discuss web application and website one by one before drawing and understand the difference between the two.

What is the web application?

A web application or web application is a piece of software or program that works in a browser. It is created in different languages ​​like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, which are supported by the browser. It is a popular and convenient software or program because you can update your material without disturbing the customers or users of your website. Google account, online retail, Wikipedia, online banking are kind of web application. Requires some built-in tools, software, and a compatible browser. Nowadays, you can create different website applications through multiple free open source software like Drupal, Symfony or Django.

What is the website?

Website is a place on the Internet that contains several interconnected pages from a single web address. It can be accessible through the local area network or the Internet. All websites collectively make up the World Wide Web (WWW). The HTML and XHTML languages ​​are required to write the web page documents. Most of the websites also use the other elements of the websites. Some websites are free and some require subscription charges because they are created for commercial purposes. Facebook, YouTube, news site, Wikipedia are examples of free websites and games, magazine subscription and stock market sites are examples of paid websites. In 1990, British physicist Tim Berners Lee created the World Wide Web, which was declared free on April 30, 1993.

Key differences
  1. The web application is part of the website. In itself it is not a complete website. While the website is that complete product, which you see in your browser.
  2. The functions and tasks of web applications are much higher and more complex than website. The website only displays the collected data and information in an order on one page. The web application actually maintains the entire website.
  3. The website is a source of information, while the web application works interactively.
  4. The website works in a web browser while the web application is run and used separately on the computer.
  5. Developing a website is an easier and low-cost project compared to developing a web application. Different platforms are required to develop the website application.
  6. The website can be easily determined through any operating system and device. Just insert the URL and get the desired result. While you are on the website app, you need to download and install it first for it to be useful.

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