Difference between Walnut and Almond

Among the most appreciated nuts today are walnuts and almonds. Both are consumed around the world. In addition, both fruits are considered superfoods thanks to their rich nutritional contributions. Many people think that both are two different types of nuts, however, almonds are not nuts.

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Description Round on the outside, inside they are irregular, physically similar to a rounded brain. Its shell is very hard. They are not so easy to get in supermarkets, it is almost always necessary to visit specialized stores to get them. The almonds are oval in shape (almond-shaped) and measure between 3.5 and 6 cm. Contrary to what many may think, almonds are not nuts, but drupes. Other stone fruits include olives and cherries.
Where are they originally from? The common walnut, or Spanish walnut, which is the tree that bears these fruits, is native to the Middle East. On the other hand, the almond tree and its fruits, almonds, are native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean. From there, they went to the rest of Europe and later to America.
Flavor Its flavor can be described as sweet and light. The outer layer is usually bitter, so it is necessary to remove it before consuming the nut. The taste of almonds is sweet and smooth. It does not have a strong aroma, although it is highly appreciated after toast.
Producing countries Countries such as Romania, China, the United States, Iran, Mexico and Turkey are among the largest producers of walnuts in the world. Among the largest producers of almonds are countries such as the United States, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Italy and China.
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