Difference Between Voltage and Current

Main difference

The main difference between current and voltage is that a current is the rate at which electrical charge flows towards a certain point and a voltage is the electrical force that drives the current.

What is voltage?

Voltage is indicated by the symbol V and is the electrical force that drives current between points. It is measured with a voltmeter and the conversion unit is 1 joule. Voltage causes current to occur. Without current, voltage can still be produced. An electrostatic field creates voltage. If it is connected in series, the voltage is altered and it cannot work better and when it is connected in parallel, it can work in a much better position. When water is spread, the pressure is the voltage. The voltage is the pressure that the pipe insists on when water is spread. It is the difference between the point where the water started and the point where the pressure ended.

What is current?

Current is denoted by the symbol I and is the rate at which electrical charges flow. It is measured with an ammeter and the conversion rate is 1 coulomb. Current cannot occur without voltage. It is the effect of voltage that makes voltage the cause of current. The current is created in a magnetic field. Whether connected in series, the easily flowing current is not disturbed, however it is disturbed when connected in parallel. When water is spread, the flow is the current. A current is the amount of electrons that pass through the pipe in the water. Measure the amount of water that comes out.

Key differences
  1. Voltage is measured by voltmeter and current is measured by ammeter.
  2. The voltage is the cause and the current is the effect.
  3. The voltage is altered when components are connected in series, however the current stays the same and is not altered at all.
  4. The voltage is created in the electrostatic field while the current is created in the magnetic field.
  5. The symbol for voltage is V and for current it is I.

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