Difference between Visa and Mastercard

Main difference

The main difference between visa and mastercard is about the benefits that credit card companies offer to the issuer of visa or mastercard.

What is Visa?

Visa and MasterCard are similar in many ways, but the only difference is the benefits that the companies offer their cardholders. Visa cardholders number approximately 1.6 billion and are satisfied with the services offered to them. The Visa card offers discount packages and other easy-to-use offers that keep customers using the Visa card. It offers privacy and other benefits including access to luxury services that only Visa cardholders can access. The visa card is accepted in many parts of the world and many people use visa cards just for the convenience it offers.

What is MasterCard?

Mastercard holders number around 18 million and more people want to have a master card for their paid purchases than for Visa cards. Mastercard holders receive a package that provides them with all the best services they want and can settle for anything that is offered. Mastercard holders receive additional benefits if they are elite Mastercard holders and receive luxury benefits. Most people don’t usually see Mastercard because elite class or people who are in business class can afford it.

Key differences

  1. The Visa card is accepted by more than 28 million merchants and 200 ATMs accept it, while a Mastercard is accepted by 30 million merchants.
  2. Visa card holders get the benefits of spending a luxury with many discounts. It allows them to enjoy discount shopping. A master card holder gets world elite discounts and gets the packages that are useful to them.
  3. Visa cardholders get the benefits of luxury hotels, receive free gifts and other goodies. A master card holder gets world elite products and other packages on offer.
  4. The Visa card is bought by the middle class and the upper class and a mastercard is bought by the elite and the business class.
  5. The Visa card differs in the interest rate, credit limits and others, while a mastercard has different concepts of interest rate and credit limits.

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