Difference between Violin and Viola

Within an orchestra there are essential instruments. Two of them are the viola and the violin. Both are often confused with each other because they are physically very similar. On the one hand, both belong to the family of classical stringed instruments along with the cello and the double bass. Both, in addition, are of Italian origin.

For many years the place of the viola was judged to be less relevant or less important than that of a violin. In fact, violists were almost always violinists in decline. Today, however, the viola is just as important as the violin, as it adds balance to an orchestra while adding depth to its sound.

Comparison chart

What is it? The violin is a stringed (or bowed) musical instrument. Its body is oval in shape with a couple of narrowings on each side near the center. The “top” of the violin, that is to say the upper table of this, has a pair of symmetrical resonance perforations in the shape of a cursive letter efe (f). Regarding the size, the largest is the 4/4 with a length of 35.5 cm. Like the violin, the viola is a string instrument. Although there is no standard size for this instrument, it will always be larger than a violin (it can measure between 27.9 and 41.9 cm). In terms of physical characteristics other than size, a viola is exactly the same as a violin. It is worth mentioning that the colors of both depend on the manufacturer.
bow and strings The violin has four strings. These are tuned by intervals of fifths; in Sol, Re, La and Mi. As for the bow, this usually the bow is 77 cm long with strings that are 70 cm long. The viola, like the violin, has four strings tuned in intervals of fifths. However, they are different from those of the violin, these being Do, Sol, Re and La. Viola strings are wider and heavier than violin strings. His bow measures 75 cm.
Sound The violin generally uses the treble clef. Its sound is therefore sharp and delicate. The viola, on the other hand, is played in C. When played, its sound is much deeper and more elegant than that of the violin

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