Difference between Ves and Vez

There are words that can be confusing in their meaning due to the similarity in their writing. But it is necessary to know their main differences to write without misspellings.

Today we will see the meaning and the difference between see and time . Each one has a different meaning and application.

meaning of see

The word you see that ends in “s”, is a verb form that corresponds to the second person singular of the verb “to see”.

Examples of its correct use would be:

  • See that house over there? It’s mine.
  • Can’t you see that the waves of the sea are very strong? Don’t go into it now.
  • See , we told you She didn’t love you.
  • If you go to the window, you see the sea so close that you feel its aroma.

It is important not to confuse this word with “ve” which turns out to be the imperative of the verb “go”, this is one of the most common mistakes made when writing it and applying it in sentences.

meaning of time

Vez con “z” is a noun with different meanings that we can consult in the dictionary of the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy), its main applications are:

  • Alternation of things by turn or successive order.
  • Specific time or occasion in which an action is executed, regardless of the order of succession.
  • Place that corresponds to someone when several people must act in turn.

Some examples of time would be:

  • We arrived at the same time without planning it.
  • Every time I come to see you, you’re always in a bad mood.
  • They do everything at the same time for not asking first.

Expressions or phrases with the word “time”

There are certain groups of words with a single meaning that include the word vez, some of them are shown in the following example:

  • At the same time: the two finished the ice cream at the same time.
  • Every time: every time you want to watch such a television, ask me.
  • At once: Would you do me the favor of sitting down to eat at once?
  • Instead of: Better try to read more instead of spending all day on the cell phone.
  • Maybe: Maybe he preferred going to the movies to being cooped up at home.

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