Difference Between Velocity and Acceleration

When talking about a moving object, these terms stand out a lot as they are widely used

Difference Between Velocity and Acceleration

by people, but physically it is possible that we do not understand what their main differences are, so we will define them to make their main characteristics known.

What is speed?

It is considered the physical magnitude of the relationship that exists between a space covered by a moving object and the time required for said action. The magnitude can be expressed in meters per second (m/s), as its multiples and sub-multiples, likewise it is common to use km/h.

We will present an example to clarify this term.

If an athlete takes 4 hours to run 30 km, he would have an average speed of 7.5 km/hour, being expressed physically as:

Speed= Distance/time = 30km/ 4h = 7.5Km/h

What is acceleration?

It is the action of an object to increase its speed per unit of time. In the international system of units, acceleration is represented according to the speed in meters that a body increases per second. Giving as a final unit of meters over seconds squared (m/s2)

For example: when releasing an object from a building in free fall, it will have an acceleration of gravity, so it will increase its speed every second, it is expressed as follows:

Acceleration= Velocity / Time

Specifically, acceleration and speed work hand in hand since an object to reach its required speed must accelerate or decrease it.

Difference Between Velocity and Acceleration

  • Velocity is a physical magnitude that is based on the distance traveled by the object, while acceleration determines the relationship between the increase in speed and the time used to achieve said action.
  • Velocity focuses on the distance traveled, while acceleration is based on the change in speed which increases or decreases depending on the action.
  • The velocity remains constant, while the acceleration can be zero or zero.

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