Types of Angles

They are the different names that angles take according to their measure and their relationship with other angles.

It is the opening created by two rays (sides) with the same origin known as vertex. For example, inside a triangle there are three angles that add up to 180º.

Types of angles according to their measure

It refers to simple angles, the measure of the angle is the opening between the sides of the angle and is indicated in degrees (º).

Acute angle

This measures less than 90º, this angle is created when we try to move the index and middle fingers away.

right angle

It measures 90º and is revealed graphically with a square at the vertex of the angle. All angles of squares and rectangles have a measure of 90º.

Obtuse angle

This measures between 90º and 180º, we acquired examples of obtuse angles in the opening of the wings of different airplanes.

flat angle

This angle measures 180º, It is noted as a straight line. Two right angles constitute a straight angle.

Types of angles with respect to their sum

When there are two angles we classify them as follows:

  • Complementary angles : they are those that when added equal to 90º. For example, the supplementary angle of a 30º angle is another 60º (30º+60º=90º).
  • Supplementary angles : are those that add up to 180º. For example, the supplementary angle of a 30º angle is another 150º (30º+150º=180º).

Types of angles according to their position

This difference incorporates the position of one angle relative to others.


adjacent angles

Each of its angles is shared and the other sides create a straight line (equal to 180º).

 Opposite angles by the vertex

They have the same vertex while the sides are extensions of each other. We can acquire angles opposite to the vertex when we open a pair of scissors.

consecutive angles

These share a side of either their measure or the sum of the two angles. When consecutive angles meet on one side of a line they add up to 180º. When the angles are immediate around a point, they add up to 360º.

Types of Angles

Type of angles angle name measure in degrees
according to your measure Acute Less than 90º
Straight 90º
Obtuse Greater than 90º less than 180º
Flat 180º
According to the sum of the angles Complementary When the angles are added it is equal to 90º
Supplementary When the sum of the angles is equal to 180º
According to its relationship in space with other angles adjacent The angles together measure 180 degrees.
Opposite at vertex These angles are equal in measure
In a row Variable measures

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