Difference Between Transsexual and Transgender

Currently there are different taboos and prejudices, this generates rejection towards people with sexual tendencies other than heterosexuality. Transsexuals and transgenders identify as a sexual tendency when in fact they do not identify with it.

Homosexuality contains different variants, both identify people as transsexual and transgender. Next, we present the differences and characteristics that exist between them.


It is the conviction and feeling opposed to the biological sex, that is, they are human beings who do not identify with their own body and who change their identity for the opposite sex.

These people change to the opposite sex, from the biological point of view, during a genital operation. From the hormonal point of view the traits of the opposite sex are defined and from the social point of view it adopts a different behavior and conduct.

It is important to mention that it is legally necessary for people to make this change. However, in other countries such rights are not yet allowed.


It is the person who changes from the biological sex to the opposite from the legal point of view, that is, they changed their gender to the opposite and who will also no longer be the same person in their identity document.

Transgender people feel a disagreement with their biological sex, whether it is female or male. They determine their genitals, usually absorb hormones from the opposite sex and this aligns with the gender they want to be. It is important to mention that this will depend on the person, that is, the change of genitalia is optional.

Difference between transsexual and transgender

shemale Transgender
Perform surgery for the change of genitalia and obtain a complete change of sex. For transgender people it is optional to have their genitalia changed.
He does not change his gender from a legal point of view, that is, he identifies as the same person on his identity document. Make the gender change in your identity documents.

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