What is the difference between Tonina and Dolphin

A dolphin, pink dolphin or Amazon dolphin, is a cetacean mammal that belongs to the Iniidae family, it is a river dolphin. Dolphins, also called oceanic dolphins to distinguish them from platanistoides or river dolphins, are odontocete cetaceans represented by 34 species.


Also known as the pink dolphin or Inia geoffrensis, two subspecies, the Inia geoffrensis geoffrensis and the Inia geoffrensis humboldtian, are known to inhabit the Amazon, the upper basin of the Madeira River in Bolivia, and the Orinoco River. It is the largest river dolphin, males weighing about 185 kg and measuring up to 2.5 m. Adults take on a pink color, much more intense in males.

Like other odontocetes, it has an organ known as a melon that they use for echolocation. Its dorsal fin is long, but low in height, and it has large pectoral fins. It has the widest diet of all the odontocetes, consuming 53 different species of fish, river turtles and crabs.

It is solitary and does not live in groups, they are usually observed in groups of four individuals, whether they are mothers and children, heterogeneous groups or groups of males. It is less shy than the bottlenose dolphin and less sociable, it is less playful and less aggressive. Shows more curiosity towards unknown objects.


Dolphins or oceanic dolphins are a heterogeneous family of odontocete cetaceans with 34 species. They can measure between 2 and 9 meters, have a fusiform body and a large head. Their snout is elongated and they have a blowhole at the top of their head. They are strict carnivores.

It is one of the most intelligent species on the planet, they are found near the coasts and interact with the human being. They are capable of developing culture, they transmit knowledge to their children in the use of tools. They live in family groups of up to 100 individuals. They establish strong social bonds.

Differences between dolphin and dolphin

  • The Amazon dolphin or dolphin is a species of freshwater dolphin. It is found in the Amazon, Orinoco and Madeira rivers. There are 2 subspecies.
  • The dolphin is a highly intelligent cetacean that can reach 9 m in length depending on the species. Dolphins are represented by 34 species.
  • The dolphins live in groups of 4 individuals and only group together if there is an abundance of food.
  • Dolphins live in groups of up to 100 individuals.

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