Difference between thesis and dissertation

It is common for us to confuse the terms thesis and dissertation. A thesis is the beginning of an argumentative text, an affirmation whose veracity will be argued or demonstrated while a thesis is used in the university environment that designates a research work that the student carries out on his career and whose approval determines his graduation.


This term comes from the term thesis which means “establishment and proposition, what is proposed and what is proposed” It is that which initiates an argumentative text, affirms a truth that has been argued or justified. State a scientific proposition or a demonstrable fact. derives from the scientific method. It is a concrete affirmation of an idea that is exposed in an open and well-founded way.

It can be called as a scientific theory while it gives theoretical support it can be considered as part of established knowledge. It is an argumentative text that may contain the columnist’s opinion on the subject.

It is a statement of a hypothesis for which there may be no initial evidence and supporting facts that may be undescribed. For this reason, a thesis is interpreted as an already provable proposition. The steps aimed at invalidating a hypothesis to provisionally establish it as a thesis following the rules of the scientific method.


It is used in the university environment to designate a research work to a student on a subject related to his career and whose approval will lead to his graduation as a graduate. A thesis is a monographic work that has scientific rigor. It is less extensive and complex than a thesis. The thesis allows the student to demonstrate the training acquired in their studies.

Its purpose is to demonstrate that the student knows how to organize knowledge and demonstrate it in a way that others can understand. The steps to carry out a dissertation are not too different from a thesis. It must be clear and forceful regarding the investigation and analysis of the subject. It should not be contradictory or present unsubstantiated opinions.

Differences between thesis and dissertation

  • The thesis is a deep and arduous research work. It is usually submitted by students pursuing a Ph.D.
  • The thesis not only exposes an idea or hypothesis, but seeks to prove or refute it.
  • A thesis is a job that students are asked to do as documentary field work or practical development in which they demonstrate the knowledge acquired during their career.
  • The thesis is usually an analysis of a specific topic.

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