Difference between Terror and Horror

Both terms refer to the state of panic that we feel when we find ourselves in different situations, and that we consider them dangerous for our lives. Therefore, it is important to highlight the differences that exist in these two concepts.

Next, we will present the definitions of these terms and highlight the main differences between them.

What is terror?

It comes from the Latin (terror). It is the tremor that people feel when faced with certain emotions. Terror is a fear that occurs through different events and that are associated with real events.

This sensation can become extreme until it becomes uncontrollable, generating states of panic and anguish in the person. In various cases it can make breathing difficult, body tremor and paleness, among others. Terror refers to the panic of a human being in the face of a risk such as: an earthquake, a war, among others.

It is a secondary emotion, this comes from fear when the situation becomes intense, extreme and uncontrollable. The word terror is designated as a genre of cinema and literature where various situations of risk, death and suspense arise.

What is horror?

It comes from the Latin (horrere), it refers to the feeling of goosebumps when a certain situation arises. It is the feeling of extreme panic that generally arises in supernatural situations, it occurs in the case of demons, specters and paranormal entities.

The person usually manifests excessive sweating, paleness, tremors in the body, bristling of the skin and chills in a given situation. The word horror is designated as a subgenre of cinema and literature, since it is a modern term that is associated with evil entities that come from paranormal situations.

Differences between terror and horror

  • Terror is a secondary emotion since it comes from fear. Horror is a feeling that is the product of fear, rejection and repulsion.
  • Terror is associated with real causes presented by the known universe. Horror refers to supernatural events, far from the world we know.
  • Horror is a genre of film and literature. Horror is a subgenre of it.

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