Difference between Tequila and Vodka

Main difference

The main difference between tequila and vodka is that tequila is made from blue agave, while vodka is made from any plant rich in sugar or starch.

Comparative chart

Base Tequila Vodka
Definition A distilled beverage made from fermented substances such as fruits, cereals, or potatoes. A distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant.
Originated 18 th century 15 th century
Types Five One
Enthusiasm Varied flavor Usually tasteless
Consumption Relatively less More
Alcohol content 31% to 55% 37.5% to 40%

What is tequila?

Tequila is the name of a distilled beverage and the name of a particular beverage. It is made from the special desert plant called agave azul that is mainly found in the city of Tequila and for the same reason this drink is called Tequila. To a large extent, its taste is like the taste of mezcal, but modern tequila that contains more ingredients in different proportions uses only regionally produced blue agave, which is why it offers a unique flavor compared to mezcal. In various regions of the world, different methods are used. In Mexico, it is served cleanly on its own while in the rest of the word it is served with salt and lime. Under Mexican law, its production is not allowed in other countries, and the few Mexican companies govern its production. That is why it is treated as a Mexican product and its protection is protected through NAFTA in the United States and Canada. What differentiates Tequila from other distilled beverages is that its fermentation process does not involve any human interference.

What is vodka?

Vodka is a king of distilled beverages made from ethanol and water, and it also contains some impurities and other artificial flavors. In most of the world, it is made from potatoes or other types of cereals that have been properly fermented in order. Most of today’s modern vodka brands also use other ingredients in the form of sugar or fruit. In most of the world, it is traditionally taken neat and not mixed with ice, water, or any other mix. In some areas, they are often served as cold drinks and used in cocktails and even with other mixed drinks like vodka tonic, vodka martini, or Russian black and white drinks. Most vodkas are unflavored, but now flavored vodkas are produced in traditional drinking areas as well. To flavor, fruit flavors, red peppers, ginger, chocolate and some other sweetener are used. In most countries, it is flavored with honey and pepper, and in some countries, bison grass is added to produce zubrovka and zubrowka vodka.

Key differences

  1. Tequila has a much more varied flavor, while vodka doesn’t taste like anything.
  2. Vodka is just water and alcohol and smells like isopropyl alcohol, while tequila is made from agave and tastes very different.
  3. Tequila distilled in adjacent locations in the city of Tequila and Jalisco, while vodka originated in Russia in the 15 th
  4. Vodka has only one form, while tequila is distilled into five different types.
  5. Vodka is consumed more compared to tequila.
  6. Tequila is most often made with 38% alcohol content for home consumption, while 31-55% alcohol content can also be produced. Vodkas are generally 5% to 40% alcohol by volume.
  7. Pure tequila is served in a narrow glass called a Caballito, but it can also be served in other ranges of glasses, from a glass to a glass. Pure vodka is served in a crystal skull
  8. Tequila is more expensive compared to vodka.

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