Difference Between Tendon and Ligament

Core difference

The key difference between tendon and ligament is that tendon is the connective tissue that connects muscles to bones while ligament is the connective tissue that connects bones to bones.

tendon versus ligament

Human beings have a well-developed and properly organized structure. There are 206 bones in the human skeleton. Our body has specific connective tissues that connect these bones. Both tendons and ligaments are the forms of these connective tissues that are present in the joints. Both tendons and ligaments are made up of fibrous connective tissues, but there are several differences between them. Tendons are the fibrous connective tissues that attach muscles to bones, while ligaments are the fibrous connective tissues that attach bone to bone at joints. Tendons are tough and inelastic, while ligaments are strong and elastic. Tendons are composed of white fibrous connective tissues, while the ligaments are composed of yellow fibrous connective tissues. in tendons,

An adult human body consists of 206 bones, these bones can be mobile or non-mobile, it depends only on the interconnector along with it and on the function that it has to perform. These interconnectors are primarily known as connective tissues; They are made up of cells, fibers and extracellular matrix. The main functions they perform are; organ protection, energy storage, body tissue connector and aid in movement and other similar tasks. Tendons and ligaments are two of the connective tissues that perform various functions in the body mentioned above. Both are fibrous structures, so it was difficult for people to tell them apart. The main difference between these two fibrous interconnectors is that the ligament connects bone to bone,

Comparison chart
Base Tendon Ligament
Principal function Tendons are the fibrous interconnectors that join muscle to bone. Ligaments are the fibrous interconnectors that join bone to bone at joints.
hardness and elasticity Tendons are tougher compared to ligaments. Ligaments are more elastic than tendons.
injuries Common injuries associated with tendons are tenosynovitis, avulsion, and tendinitis. Common injuries associated with ligaments are sprains and torn ligaments.
Training Tendons are the modification of white fibrous tissues. The interconnecting ligament is mainly formed by a modification of yellow elastic tissue together with collagen fibers.

What is the tendon?

Tendon is the fibrous connective tissue that connects bone to muscle. They are less flexible compared to ligaments, but they are much stronger than them. As mentioned above, these tendons function as interconnectors and mediators between bones and muscles, holding them together and allowing them to move and perform different required functions within the body. Tendons also maintain coordination between muscle and bone, since stretching one relaxes and the other tightens. They are the modification of white fibrous tissues. They are usually arranged in the form of parallel bundles, so that they can thicken and avoid external force. They also have elasticity, but to a certain extent, since they are the most resistant structures. One of the basic examples of tendons is the Achilles tendon;

What is the ligament?

Ligaments are the fibrous connective tissues that connect bone to bone at joints. They are quite flexible and have some strength and elasticity in the body. Athletes, gymnasts, and dancers have special practice or have elasticity in their ligaments naturally, so they could perform different tasks without injury. Ligament stretching is a kind of warm-up before continuing with your task, and that is done to avoid any injury to the ligament or bones. Ligaments can be further classified into three types; peritoneal ligament, articular ligament and fetal remnant ligaments. Common injuries associated with ligaments are sprains and torn ligaments.

tendon versus ligament
  • Tendon is a form of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone while ligament is the form of fibrous connective tissue that connects bone to bone.
  • The tendon is made up of white fibrous connective tissues, while the ligament is made up of yellow fibrous connective tissues.
  • Fibers are arranged in parallel bundles in tendons, but ligaments have tightly arranged fiber bundles.
  • Fibroblasts are found in continuous rows in tendons while they are scattered in ligaments.
  • Tendons are tough and inelastic by nature, but ligaments are strong and inelastic.
  • Tendons are less flexible by nature, while ligaments are more flexible.
  • A tendon injury is known as a strain, while a ligament injury is known as a sprain.
  • The tendon is not divided into any type, while the ligaments are divided into fetal remnant ligaments, peritoneal ligaments, and articular ligaments.
  • A tendon can also connect muscles to structures like the eyeball, while a ligament can also attach bone to bone.

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