Difference between Temperament and Character

In general, temperament and character are terms that many people confuse. However, they are two different features. To understand what differentiates them, we must know the concepts.


Temperament refers to the individual peculiarity and intensity of the dominant structure of mood and motivation and psychic affects. The word temperament comes from the Latin temperament or measure.

It is known as the natural way in which a human being interacts with the environment around him. It is considered hereditary and does not influence the external factor unless these are constant and strong. It is considered as the instinctive-affective layer of the personality. The temperament together with the intelligence and the will model the character.

It also includes the ability to adapt, intensity, mood, activity level, accessibility, and regularity. It is the general nature of an individual’s personality.

People according to temperament and according to Hippocrates are classified as:

  • Sanguineous.
  • Melancholic.
  • Choleric.
  • Phlegmatic.


It is the way in which the person reacts to a given situation. It depends on the environment, temperament and intelligence of the individual. It defines the profiles of the person, for example, if a person likes to serve, his character is considered to be altruistic.

The study of character is called characterology.

Strong and weak characters are distinguished. Strength of character is defined as a person’s ability to maintain a choice despite adverse factors.

Differences between temperament and character

  • Temperament is the natural way in which the human being interacts with his environment. It depends on hereditary factors and not on the environment or external stimuli.
  • Character is modeled from temperament and intelligence. It defines the profile of a person and will depend on the environment. It can be divided into strong and weak characters.

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