Difference between Task and Activity

A task is a concept that is used to refer to the performance of an activity or obligation and an activity is a set of tasks that a person performs every day, such as school activities, physical activities, among others.


It refers to the practice of an obligation or the performance of activities whether educational, at home or at work. According to the interest shown by the person to carry out the activity, the tasks are classified as follows:

Obligatory tasks: They are those that have to be carried out due to the imposition of a situation or a person. Whoever does them does not feel pleased when doing it.

Tasks for pleasure: They are those that are carried out without any obligation and cause pleasure or pleasure at the moment.

Activities that are repeated when a person performs their work are also known as tasks.


It comes from the Latin activitas and means (quality to carry out). An activity is a set of instructions or tasks of its own that a person or an entity does. In physics or chemistry, it is the radioactive capacity of an object.

Differences between task and activity

  • Homework refers to the practice of an obligation or an educational, home or work activity and also to the execution of a certain activity for pleasure or hobby.
  • The activity is a set of own tasks that a person executes. It also defines a physical or chemical reaction, such as radioactive activity, nuclear activity, among others.

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