Difference between Taco and Quesadilla

Within Mexican cuisine, both tacos and quesadillas occupy a very important place. So much so, that both exist within the regional cuisines of each Mexican state. On the one hand, the tacos are a dish made up of a tortilla that can be corn or wheat flour, which wraps some dish or ingredient(s). There is a huge variety of tacos.

On the other hand, quesadillas are a dish that involves practically the same ingredients as tacos. Quesadillas almost always have cheese, although this depends entirely on who eats them. Another difference is the way they are wrapped. Quesadillas are always folded in half.

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Definition As for tacos, this popular Mexican dish consists of a corn or flour tortilla wrapped around any ingredient or dish. It can be hot, cold, fried, etc. Mexican dish consisting of a corn or flour tortilla filled with cheese and/or some other ingredient and folded in half. It is then heated and eaten.
History Taco comes from the Nahuatl “tlahco” which means “in the middle”. Some writings assure that Moctezuma used the tortillas as a spoon. During that same time, it was found that farm workers’ wives wrapped the workers’ food in tortillas for convenience. Once the Spanish conquerors arrived, tacos gradually became more and more relevant. Instead, the word quesadilla comes from “quesada” which is in Spain a dish that has cheese as a base ingredient.
In Mexico, when a word ends with the suffix -illa , it refers to its diminutive. Therefore a quesadilla is a small quesada.
Ingredients The ingredient that cannot be missing is the tortillas. These can be flour (in the north), corn and even pita bread, like the Arab tacos.
The ingredients with which the tortilla is filled can be varied. Many have seasoned meat, for example al pastor, flank steak, cochinita pibil, roast beef, etc. Some are made from vegetables, such as those with stuffed chilies, beans or pico de gallo (avocado, cilantro, tomato). In coastal cities, it is customary to consume seafood tacos, such as swordfish and shrimp.
On the other hand, it is important to note that when corn tortillas are used, they are made with white corn. White corn is one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine.
Tortillas are also the main ingredient in a quesadilla. These can be corn or wheat flour. In the Valley of Mexico, quesadillas made with blue corn are peculiarly famous. 

The filling depends entirely on the city or state in which they are prepared. While in the province quesadillas usually always have cheese as a base ingredient as well, in Mexico City no longer. In addition to cheese, a quesadilla can contain chicken, chicken tinga, pork rinds, mushrooms, huitlacoche, pumpkin flower, chorizo ​​or longaniza, etc. As a final accompaniment, they usually have some sauce or guacamole, to give the quesadilla a better flavor.

Other data The taco is an easy and quick dish to prepare. It is typical of Mexican homes to always have tortillas at home. Therefore, any extra ingredients added to this tortilla make it a taco. For example, a taco de sal (tortilla and salt). In recent months, the discussion of whether a quesadilla should have cheese or not has been fueled. This is because in the center of Mexico (Mexico City, State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Morelos, etc) cheese is not a base ingredient in quesadillas, while in the rest of the country, it is the only base ingredient besides the tortilla.

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