Difference Between Systematic and Systemic

The systematic term encompasses all those activities that are carried out through a system that allows them to be carried out. In turn, the term systemic refers to activities that are based on a system to be carried out.


This term is used to define those activities that are carried out through a system that allows them to be carried out. It is used to standardize the performance of certain activities to group them into sets and processes.

Systematic thinking is a way of life in which a person identifies and analyzes a problem before acting, formulates various options, establishes selection criteria, and makes a decision.

Tasks can be solved through this system and once it becomes systematic, it can be done automatically, reducing the intellectual burden of deciding what to do at each moment, which makes us more productive.


The systemic term defines those activities based on a system to be carried out. It is the collection of a system not established as a methodology but as a set of elements related to each other and with a common objective. This system must function in pursuit of a goal.


Differences between systematic and systemic

  • A systemic process is one in which system-based activities are performed. Usually it is already created and it is only necessary to follow it.
  • A systematic process is devised by one person and tailored to their needs. It seeks to increase productivity and reduce non-vital decision-making for the fulfillment of an objective.
  • That which is systematic is related to a methodology for doing our daily activities.
  • What is defined as systemic is related to a set of elements that interact with each other in order to achieve an objective.

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