Difference between SUV, MUV and XUV

Main difference

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, MUV stands for Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle and XUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle.


These are all different terms used by various car suppliers around the world to indicate the type of car based on its appearance and the basic purpose of construction. SUV is the most famous term used by almost all types of famous car manufacturing companies for large cars that possess the ability to be 5 or 7 seater and based on off-road capabilities. SUVs are larger than the usual family cars. However, MUVs and XUVs are included in the main SUV category, but different manufacturers named their cars slightly different with unique characteristics as MUV and XUV.The MUV is a large type of SUV similar to a car, but it lacks shape. sport and off-road skills, since it is specified to function as an urban car. XUV, on the other hand, is the limited type of vehicle that specific companies like TATA and Mahindra give the name to most often in India.

Comparative chart

Sports prop vehicle Multipurpose utility vehicle Crossover utility vehicle
All terrain They go out of town Hybrid (off-road and City Van)
(All Wheel Drive) AWD and (Rear Wheel Drive) RWD RWD (rear wheel drive) 4WD, RWD and AWD (All Wheel Drive)
Gas buster Fuel savings Less fuel consumption than MUV
More powerful motor Less powerful or economical motor Average motor power
Expensive compared to MUV and XUV both Less expensive compared to SUV and XUV both Less expensive than SUV but expensive compared to MUV
What is SUV?

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. It is the universally defined term for a specific larger, lighter, truck-shaped vehicle that is strong, robust, and larger than typical vehicles. SUVs are basically vehicles designed for off-road use and to generate more power in terms of driving. The seating position of passengers in SUVs is well above the normal average position of a car. It offers the driver a much better view of the road and the road, as it is designed more specifically for all types of roads and off-road. SUVs are cars with a sporty and powerful look.

Almost all car manufacturers and sales companies design SUV design vehicles and have a large market share. SUVs are usually expensive cars with toughness and luxury at the same time. Some SUVs focus entirely on rugged off-road capabilities, while a large number of modern SUVs are more concerned with luxury in the city. SUVs have RWD, 4WD, and few have AWD as well. They are less economical in terms of fuel consumption compared to other normal family vehicles. SUVs are usually 5 and 7 seats.

What is MUV?

MUV stands for Multipurpose Utility Vehicle. MUV is a subtype of SUV. It’s basically the most urban kind of sporty, rugged SUV. MUVs are generally shaped like a city van and are cheaper compared to regular SUVs. MUVs are the family cars with a large passenger capacity compared to normal 5-seater cars. The seating positions of the passengers in MUVs are similar to those of SUVs, but are specifically designed for driving on properly developed metal roads.

MUVs are best for large families. They are quite inexpensive compared to SUVs. Not only do they have a low budget based on their prices, but they are quite economical in terms of consumption and average fuel. They are not sporty and have less powerful and more fuel efficient engines. MUVs are becoming quite popular in urban areas. Unlike SUVs, MUVs generally have FWD (front wheel drive).

What is XUV?

XUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle. It is basically a type of hybrid car, containing a variety of features from both MUV and SUV. XUV is the term used by few companies like TATA and Mahindra in India for their cars. These cars have a different architecture and are a mix of sporty and urban touches. XUVs can possess off-road capabilities as well as being fuel efficient and also good for urban use. An XUV could be AWD, 4WD, RWD, and even FWD in some rare cases.

Key differences

  1. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, while MUV stands for Multipurpose Vehicle and XUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle.
  2. SUV is a famous car design followed by almost every car manufacturing company in the world.
  3. MUV and XUV are the sub-designs of SUV.
  4. The SUV is rugged, tough, powerful, and best for off-road use.
  5. MUV is a type of city family car. Focus more on comfort and fuel efficiency.
  6. XUV is a hybrid of pure SUV and MUV.
  7. The SUV is usually more expensive than the MUV.

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