Difference between Surgery and Operation

The terms surgery and operation are often used synonymously, but at a semantic level, surgery is the specialty that deals with the direct manipulation of body structures, while operation or intervention is the process by which an organ is altered or repaired. .


Surgery is the practice that deals with the mechanical manipulation of body structures for medical purposes, whether diagnostic, therapeutic or prognostic. A major surgery is, according to the World Health Organization, a procedure performed in an operating room that includes the incision, manipulation or suturing of tissue. It usually requires local or general anesthesia or deep sedation to control pain.

Surgeons are the people who perform the surgery. This procedure lasts from minutes to hours, but it is not usually a continuous or periodic treatment. Procedures that involve cutting into an organ or end of tissue often end in otomy.

Processes involving small incisions through which an endoscope is inserted end in oscopy. The term that denominates the reconstruction or plastic surgery begins with the name of the part of the body to be intervened and ends in plasty.


Surgery is known as a surgical procedure or operation. The verb to operate means to perform surgery.

Difference Between Surgery and Operation

  • The term surgery is usually applied to the middle discipline responsible for healing by performing operations. This is why it is not advisable to use it as a synonym for operation or surgical intervention. This synonym may come from the English surgery, which has both meanings.
  • The operation is the process where the organs are intervened in order to alleviate some condition or problem.

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