Difference between Stone and Rock

A stone is a mineral with a solid organization that forms rocks, it is known as stone to mineral fragments that do not have a fixed shape and are small or medium in size. Rocks are hard materials formed by one or different minerals.


The term comes from the (petra), which means stone. It refers to hard materials of material origin, this is extracted from quarries and open pit mines.

Stonework is one of the classic jobs and it is the master carvers who have the task of carving them to give them the right shape. It was the material used to obtain tools during the Paleolithic, it was the most careful material, above wood, bone and vegetable fibers.


It is a solid element composed of one or several minerals, it is the solid part that makes up our planet, since the entire crust is established by rocks. Rocks are formed by different petrogenic processes that create a closed cycle in which some living beings interrupt.


They can be composed of heterogeneous mixtures of different crystalline and homogeneous materials. Rocks composed of different minerals are known as monomineral rocks. They are usually a bit hard, but there are also soft rocks such as sandy or clay.

Difference between stone and rock

  • Stones are the solid organizational mineral that contains a rock.
  • A rock is a solid composed of the union of different minerals, either by sedimentation, by cooling of magma or by the evolution of a rock due to changes in the environment in which it is found.
  • The term stone will be used to refer to small fragments of rock.
  • Roca comes from the term Rocca from the vulgar Latin of the 8th century and was approved by the English to form the word Rock, used in science, mining and architecture with greater frequency as stone.

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