Difference between stem and trunk

Main difference

Stem and trunk are all parts of a tree. They are used interchangeably by many botanists around the world. The elemental element between the stem and the trunk is, the trunk varieties, the precept of the development of the tree that serves as an essential aid for your whole tree. The stem is known to help the branches of shrubs. The trunk also helps the branches and is supported by the roots of a tree.

What is Stem?

A stem is undoubtedly one of the many elemental buildings of a vascular plant. The stem is definitely used after we seek the advice of a plant. The stem of a plant is a straw-like development where the flowers are grown. The stem is supposed to support the shoots, leaves, fruits, and many alternate parts of a plant, as well as aid in transporting the weight loss plan throughout the entire plant. The plant receives water, minerals and sugars through stems. The stem can be hooked as much as the stem of the precept. In addition, the stem transports the leaves directly to daylight, serving the leaves to prepare food for them through the photosynthesis tactic. The stem has three elemental parts that can be, xylem, phloem and cambium.

What is Trunk?

The trunk is connected to the roots of a tree. The trunk is covered with bark and has no leaves protruding from it. Trunk can also be called trunk and it is the precept that supports the development of shrubs. He wears the entire hood of the tree. The trunk has rings inside that can be recognized to predict the age of a certain tree, when it is declining. The trunk could be very useful as wood and can be used to make wooden furniture. Many utensils are also created from wood. Construction jobs also require wood and are also used for decorative purposes.

Key differences
  1. The trunk is the precept that supports the development of a tree that is connected to the roots, while the stem simply is not.
  2. The leaves do not protrude from the trunk while they do protrude from the stems.
  3. We use the phrase ‘stem’ primarily for vegetation and the phrase ‘trunk’ is used significantly for shrubs.
  4. The stem is used to hold leaves and flowers.
  5. The stem has many types, while a trunk has only one type.
  6. The trunk has stresses, when it decreases and these stresses reflect the age of a certain tree.
  7. The stems would not have a surrounding bark that is not like the trunk.

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