Difference between Spearmint and Peppermint

As many know, aromatic plants, also known as fine herbs, are plants that, due to their aromatic, medicinal or seasoning properties, have countless uses. In general terms, the flowers, leaves, fresh, dried or even dehydrated are taken from them in order to preserve their properties and/or enhance their fragrance.

The main characteristic of these plants or herbs is that they have the quality of aromatizing or seasoning food in order to improve its flavor. In addition to this, some aromatic herbs have medicinal properties and are used to heal some ailments or calm and improve the mood of people through the consumption of teas and infusions.

This is the case of two very common aromatic plantspeppermint and mint . Both have extraordinary qualities that make them one of the most sought after for various uses. Since mint and spearmint come from the same family of plants (lamiaceae or labiatae) and from the same genus (mentha) and in view of the similarity of both herbs, it is common to confuse them, which is why many people use mint instead of mint or vice versa. However, they are different plants. The definition of each of them is presented below to then point out the basic differences that exist between them:


We can say that mint or mint, whose scientific name is -mentha spicata-, is a medicinal and aromatic plant, easy to grow and adaptable to various environments. That is why it has spread throughout much of the planet despite the fact that this plant originally comes from southern Europe and northern Asia.

It is a plant widely used in the kitchen as a condiment for various sweet and savory dishes, as a meat flavoring, in sauces and dressings, as well as in confectionery for desserts and cookies. Likewise, it is used in naturopathic medicine, due to its antispasmodic properties, it is used to calm stomach upsets, halitosis, parasitosis, headaches and migraines.


When talking about mint or also called lipped mint, whose scientific name is -mentha piperita- , we can say that it is a plant with numerous therapeutic and aromatic applications.

It is easy to grow and even spontaneous, with great ease of adaptation to different climates, although it is native to Europe. It is a plant commonly used in the kitchen to flavor dishes due to the fineness of its fragrance, but the most common use is in the field of natural medicine.

That is why, among its innumerable properties, we can mention: as a digestive for intestinal spasms, to favor digestive processes, to calm stomach pains and nausea. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic to calm headaches, migraines or neuralgia. Similarly, for respiratory uses as a decongestant and as an emotional energizer to calm stress, nerves and anxiety.

As can be seen, the aromatic and medicinal properties of these plants are numerous and it is common to confuse them due to their great resemblance. However, in reality they are different plants that belong to the same family. The most outstanding differences between spearmint and mint are listed below :

Peppermint Mint
It is a plant with thin stems, elongated leaves and a bright green color. It is a plant with thicker stems, rounded leaves and a dark green color.
Its blade is soft to the touch and brittle. Its blade is hard and rough.
Its fragrance is a bit subtle, so it is not easy to perceive. Its fragrance is stronger, so it can be perceived more easily.
It is used more in the kitchen as a condiment and flavoring. It is used more in natural medicine, for its various healing properties.

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