Difference between soul and spirit

It is common to see that both the word soul and the word spirit have great importance in various beliefs and even in some sciences such as philosophy. According to various beliefs, the soul and spirit are an important part of all human beings and even of some animals and plants as living beings.

In some cases, they are considered as divine gifts worthy of veneration and worship. Both the soul and the spirit are considered religious expressions but for many sciences the human being is the bearer of a soul and a spirit.

Many times the words soul and spirit are used as if they meant the same thing, however, these expressions differ from each other and the incorrect use of these terms is generally determined by the lack of knowledge that exists about them. Therefore, we proceed to provide the reader with the definition of both terms, in order to delimit the distinctions or differences between them.


It is valid to point out that the soul is the identity, the expression of the personality, that an individual possesses that makes him unique and different from others. It is linked with the intellect and emotions of man.

The soul is that part that cannot be perceived in a tactile way or be taken as an object, since it is the internal of each person. In order to understand this definition, it is necessary to clarify that not only the human being but also every created living entity is the bearer of a -soul-. The soul is related to the faculties of thought, action and emotion. Likewise, it is closely linked to the personality, intellect and emotions of man.


Indeed, the spirit, like the soul, cannot be distinguished tactilely or bodily. That is why the spirit is associated with the part of the human being that makes up the mind, will and feelings.

To understand the term spirit, it is important to understand that it has three primary functions, such as consciousness, intuition and communion, which are defined as:

  1. Consciousness : is the knowledge that the person has about his own existence.
  2. Intuition : is the -sensation- organ of the human spirit, that knowledge that comes to us without any help from the mind, emotion or will. For example: eat, be thirsty.
  3. Communion: is worship of a deity. A deity cannot be known by our thoughts, feelings or intentions because -God- can only be known directly by our spirit.

Having defined both terms, we point out below the most precise differences that exist between soul and spirit :

Soul Spirit
The soul exists thanks to the energy it receives from the spirit. The spirit is the source of life for the body and for the soul.
The soul is man’s relation to the world. It is said that the spirit is man’s relationship with God.
The soul refers to the emotional aspect of the person. The spirit refers to that -force- that allows the body to function.
The soul includes the person’s thoughts, desires, will, and emotions. The spirit acts as a mediator between the body and the soul.
It is said that the soul is immortal, since it transcends the body. The spirit dies when the body dies.

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