Difference between SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro

Key difference

SketchUp is free and easy-to-use 3D drawing, design, and rendering software. SketchUp offers faster performance, smart tools like compensation and smart inference, and more customization options than ever before. The difference between SketchUP Make and SketchUP Pro is that SketchUP Make is free and designed for private/personal use only. SketchUp Pro is for business purposes and offers additional features and benefits.

SketchUp Make vs. SketchUp Pro

SketchUp is a computer application for 3D modeling of different things and is available with a variety of features like interior design, engineering design, architecture, movies, video games, and various other features. It is available in two different versions, the first one is known as SketchUp Make which is the free basic version while the second one is called SketchUp Pro which is the paid version. They both have clear differences between them and many features that are available in the Pro version are not in the Make version, and all these variations will be listed here. Both programs are easy to use and have been introduced to the market by Trimble Navigation. There are open libraries present where people using this app can add things to help other people, including designs and 3D modeling. There are also many other features that make them similar. The few main differences include that the Make version is free while the Pro version is expensive and people have to pay around €750 to get the pro version. The free version is used for primary and secondary educational purposes and helps people who are new to this field to better understand. The free version is for advanced education and professionals. The free version is free for one month if the user agrees to purchase the paid software. People can add files from other similar software like ANSYS and AUTOCAD in it to develop a proper design, while the free version does not have this feature.

Comparison chart
Base SketchUp Make SketchUpPro
Guy It is the kind of free software. This is the paid version of the software.
Explanation People can make various drawings in different fields, such as interior design, engineering design, architecture, movies, video games, and various other functions. Helps people create a variety of advanced level modeling and design activities.
Payment There is no requirement of any type of payment contract. It costs around €700
Hour One month Always

Definition of SketchUp Make

It is the kind of free software in which people can make various drawings in different fields, such as interior design, engineering design, architecture, movies, video games, and various other functions. This can also work in offline mode and allows the creation of 3D drawings. All these activities are carried out at the basic level and therefore it is recommended to use this version for home or primary education purposes. There is no requirement of any kind of paid contract, but people can only use this version for one month after which they must purchase the other paid version. They can also make use of the vast library available with different designs made by people.

Definition of SketchUp Pro

This is the paid version of the software that helps people create a variety of advanced level design and modeling activities. It costs around €700 which needs to be paid only once after people can make use of various features to create the best possible drawings according to their field. They can also print the exact dimension as mentioned in the diagram during import and export of representations from other software. There are also pre-loaded layouts available that make it easy to get the job done as it saves time. It is recommended for higher education institutes, but different permissions are required to use all features.

Differences in a nutshell
  1. SketchUp Make is the free version, while SketchUp Pro is the paid version.
  2. Charges for SketchUp Pro are €750 one-time, while there are no charges or the free version.
  3. SketchUp Free can be used for up to a month, but SketchUp Pro is free for life once you buy it.
  4. Basic knowledge can be acquired while using the free version while advanced knowledge can be implemented in the paid version.
  5. SketchUp Make is recommended for personal and home use, while SketchUp Pro is recommended for higher educational purposes.
  6. No license is required for the Make version, while educational institutes require different licenses if they want to use this software.
  7. People can create 3D designs in SketchUp Make while they can not only make but also export different designs from other similar software.
  8. Printing the document according to the set scale is available in SketchUp Pro, while it is not available in SketchUp Make.

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