Difference between Sexuality and Sensuality

Main difference

Nor will it be wrong to call sex the most heard, spoken and searched word on planet earth. But at the same time the word is used interchangeably with the word sensuality, that means that even without much in sex, many of us cannot differentiate it with the word sensual. The main difference between the two words is that a girl in a monokini will look sexy to everyone, while a fully covered girl might be attracting someone simply because she is sexy. When we talk about sexuality mainly, our sense of sight is more advanced, while to feel sensuality one could feel it with all the senses, since in it one feels the touches, aromas, movements, gestures and even the smile, says many things.

What is sexuality?

It is defined as something related to, related to, or characteristic of sex or sexuality, or of the sexual organs and their functions. Words like hot, bombshell explain a person‘s sexual arousal after observing the specific type of person, who seems sexually attracted. The people around him are sexual as they follow the patterns seen in porn videos or heard in peer stories.

What is Sensuality?

It is defined as anything related to or involving sense gratification, especially sexual gratification (pleasure). The one who obtains a sexual pleasure using the five senses and feeling deeply in it is as sensual as one feels sensual just by making out or even with other smells, movements and tastes of the body. Sensual is a way ahead of what the typical formulas of sex are followed and it drives the man crazy (sexually) since in it sexual desires are fulfilled (apart from typical intercourse). It can also be explained how a sadist enjoys causing pain to his partner during sex, which is a different desire from the real mentality and that many may feel strange.

Key differences

  1. Watching a porn video will arouse you sexually, while watching the porn video of (plot story of your choice) will arouse you sensually.
  2. Sexual is quite similar to how everyone feels and reacts to a specific behavior, while the one who finds success may find it unattractive.
  3. Since sensuality is self-generated, others may find it strange.
  4. Sexual is something that follows the minds that are represented in our society, while sensuality (sexual pleasure) totally depends on your creativity and your self.
  5. An intercourse can be a pleasurable sex, while doing it with a specific style shows you the sensuality and the point that initiates you to fully fill your desire creating sensation.

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