Difference between Security and Defense

Both are different terms according to the defense and security policies of a nation. Security is related to the absence of risk or trust in something, security is the reality that allows preserving integrity, stability and permanence.


It comes from the Latin (securitas), it means that, to the absence of risk and trust in something or someone. It has different meanings depending on the area or field to which it relates to security. Safety is usually defined as the state of well-being that distinguishes the human being.

It is considered an interdisciplinary science that studies, evaluates and manages the dangers to which a person, a good or the environment is subjected. It is about making the risk small at acceptable stages. Security is a right that protects the freedom, life and heritage of the populations as well as their rights and guarantees and their full validity of the foundations.


They are actions for the purpose of preserving security, related to a state gravitates in all actions and strategies aimed at preserving its sovereignty, independence and territory before other States or organizations of world law.

Security and Defense


Security Defending
Security is a right consolidated by a State with the aim of maintaining the stability, integrity and rights of its inhabitants. These are actions that aim to protect security.
Security is the series of actions, strategies and policies that preserve the integrity, heritage and rights of a person. Defense is the actions, strategies and policies that protect the integrity of a State or a person.
Security is a state of absence of risk. Defense is an act that preserves security, it is a response to a risk situation.

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