Differences between Sea and Ocean

In both there are similar and similar characteristics. Here are the differences between them. Below you will find the concepts that will describe what characteristics each one has and the differences that stand out in both.


It is salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface. The seas are assigned names according to the area or region where they are found. Another way to be named is by the events that have occurred there and that characterize them.

There are two types of seas, open and closed. Open seas are those that have a link with the closest ocean. Closed seas are compared to lakes, because they are limited almost entirely by land, in addition, their water capacity is greater than that of a lake and they are assigned the name of closed seas.


The ocean is the amount of salt water that contains approximately 71% of the surface of the Earth and the continents There are five oceans on the planet: the Atlantic Ocean, the Antarctic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

They are separated by the continents. The depth of the oceans is inaccurate, but has an average that is estimated to range from 3.9 kilometers.


Their names and characteristics belong to different origins. Greek mythology the Atlantic comes from Atlas, son of Neptune, the god of the sea. The Pacific was named because its waters are peaceful. The Arctic is because you can see the constellation Ursa Major. The Antarctic has its principle opposite to the Arctic Ocean.

Difference Between Sea and Ocean

  • The Sea is an amplification of salt water inferior in size to that of an ocean. It is the largest of the seas.
  • There are many different seas. There are only five oceans in the world.
  • Generally the depth of the seas is less than that of the oceans. The water pressure at the bottom of the ocean is greater than that of the sea and the temperature is lower.
  • The seas are those that surround the surface of the earth. The oceans are what divide the continents.

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