Difference between Sangria and Clericot

Two of the most popular alcoholic prepared drinks in Spain and Latin America are sangria and clericó or clericot. Both are very similar, in principle because their main ingredients are wine and different fruits. However, there are small but significant differences in its other ingredients and the way it is prepared that makes these two drinks different.

Comparison table

Clerico/ Clericot
What is it? It is an alcoholic drink originally from England, although it was the Spanish who popularized it. As for the clergy, it originated in Great Britain at the time of the Roman Empire. This fruity drink is particularly popular in Latin American countries.
Flavor Its flavor is described as fresh, citrus and sweet. As for the taste of clericó, it is described as sweet and comforting.
Ingredients To prepare sangria you need: 

  • Red wine or cider
  • Small pieces of citrus fruits, such as lemon and orange. Seasonal fruits such as apple, pear and peach can also be added
  • A bit of sugar
  • Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Orange or lemon fizzy drink
The clericó or clericot recipe, on the other hand, includes: 

  • Red wine or white wine
  • Pieces of fruit. The most popular are orange, melon, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon, strawberry, among others.
  • Ice
  • A bit of sugar
  • A little lemon soda
  • vodka (optional)
Preparation The fruit must be macerated for a couple of hours prior to the preparation of the sangria. Subsequently, all the ingredients are mixed. It is important not to prepare it more than three hours before consumption as its flavor changes. In the same way, it is not recommended to consume sangria prepared at the moment, since it would not be sangria as such. Add the diced fruit to a pitcher. Then add the soda, red wine, vodka and sugar gradually. Mix and let stand for a few minutes. Ice is recommended to be added to each glass, to the taste of each person, since if it is added to the pitcher, it is believed that it alters its flavor. Clericot can be prepared just before consumption without any problem.
Other data If it is prepared with white wine, it is called white sangria. Sangria is considered a summer drink, as it is very fresh. Contrary to sangria, clericó is consumed mainly at the end of the year festivities.

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