Difference between running and jogging

To have great results with exercise, you must take into account the level of energy required and the capacity of the person who will do it. In the case of races, the demand is higher compared to jogging, which, in itself, is not measured by speed but by resistance.


It is a physical movement derived from a conscious impulse of the body. When running, both feet are alternated, and all this with the aim of having stability, as well as coordination.

Races are competitions in which people must move as fast as possible through a path and get from a starting point to the finishing point. Winners are measured by the shortest time elapsed.


It is basically a movement at medium speed driven by the feet in harmonious combination with the heart rate. It is known as a brisk walk.

In the trot, the feet are kept close to the ground to maintain the correct rhythm and not to rush. Jogging is done to warm up, as well as to stimulate or stretch the muscles, since it is an anaerobic exercise, it does not require high energy levels.

Difference between running and jogging

  • The race requires a high physical level that results from training and displacement based on kilometers of distance.
  • The level of effort of the trot is lower than that of the race since the time spent in the movement is lighter.
  • The running position does not require a great deal of inclination of the body to grasp the impulse and keep it moving. The position for the trot is with a straight back, since there must be a balance between feet, trunk and head.
  • The races are measured by the speed of those who fight, with the winners being those who reach the finish line in the shortest time.
  • Jogging provides resistance in the muscles in a lighter way and intervenes in the heart rhythms that generally have to be stable and not accelerated.

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