Difference between robbery and theft

Main difference

These two crime words are often used interchangeably to explain that theft has taken place. But by studying them carefully and after knowing the status of these two crimes, one can easily differentiate between them. As burglary is someone breaking into or entering the house with the intention of committing any crime, which can be robbery, rape or anything else, while theft is committed when a person takes someone’s property illegally (without warning ) with the intent to permanently deprive the owner. Here it is worth mentioning that while these two crimes are committed, the victim may not be present in the place, but the real difference lies in both, since in the robbery the criminal breaks or enters the building.

What is a robbery?

The law defines it as illegal entry into a structure to commit a robbery or felony. For a robbery to occur, the victim does not need to be present. When a burglary occurs, the structure being broken into can be any type of building, including business offices, personal homes, and even garden sheds. Theft is not the term used for crimes committed in automobiles. Common law burglary was defined by Sir Matthew Hale as: The breaking and entering of another person’s house during the night, with the intent to commit a felony, whether or not the crime was actually committed. Common types of robbery include simple robbery, aggravated robbery, breaking and entering, looters, etc.

What is theft?

In simple words it can be explained as a crime of theft, but to know more about how it is carried out is that whoever is deprived of their property (things) did not really know about this crime at that time. As mentioned above in theft, one’s property is taken by leaving one unknowingly. Theft is divided into two types, grand theft and petty theft. To learn more about Theft, it is worth knowing that if at the time of taking something it is not intended to permanently deprive the owner of the property, it is still a Theft. This crime is also often seen in society as envious of someone else’s property, taking it without the permission of the person (victim).

Key differences

  1. In burglary, criminals break into one’s house illegally with the intention of committing any crime, while in burglary one does not break in or illegally enter a place to do so.
  2. Very often, in larceny one deprives the victim of their material such as property and money, while in Burglary, in addition to taking the property, the offender may be intending to spy on or rape anyone in the building.
  3. Breaking into anyone’s car and stealing the material from there without the victim knowing (meaning without applying force to the victim), this is called Larceny. And if one breaks into the house and steals the material, this is an example of theft.
  4. Theft is a more serious crime than theft and the punishment can be severe in it, while it varies on the conditions in which it has taken place and the monetary damage caused to the victim.
  5. In cases of theft, restitution (reimbursement) is often ordered, while in the case of theft it could be the case after knowing very well the illegal entry of a building.

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