Difference between Report and News

The terms report and news can be confused or used indifferently when they are treated in the field of journalism. However, both are completely different concepts. In fact, if they are used in different areas or separately there is usually no confusion, since they are terms recognized and well differentiated by the vast majority.

Comparison table

Definition On the one hand, a news item is a journalistic story about a novelty topic. This topic usually develops within a specific area that generates interest in some people. Furthermore, you can deal with very specific topics as well, such as politics, sports, business, etc. It is a general journalistic genre broader than the news. 

In a way, a report is news but with a broader prior investigation to back it up. In addition, a journalist is obliged to carry out more rigorous, complete and in-depth processes before and during the preparation of a report.

Characteristics From a news is expected: 

  • be objective
  • Impersonal
  • and truthful

Among other important characteristics are that it must be brief, current and provide a service to the community.

  • A report does not necessarily have to be current, it is enough that it is a topic of general interest.
  • There must be a full investigation behind the report


about objectivity Although, a journalist has a moral obligation to report professionally, truthfully and objectively. However, there are cases in which the journalist in charge of writing the news can see his objectivity blinded by personal interests. While it is possible and even common, it is not desirable. In theory, a report, like news, should be objective. However, the nature of reporting allows for a little more freedom for the journalist. This can, and often does, result in articles with only a certain degree of bias or bias.

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