Difference Between Recruitment and Selection

Main difference

The main difference between Recruitment and Selection is that Recruitment is an action of penetrating the candidates and inspiring them to apply for a job in any association while Selection is the procedure of choosing the best candidates and offering them the job.

Recruitment versus selection

Recruitment is a method of finding and signing applicants for the exact position and motivating employees to start a career in the organization. Rather, screening contains the sequence of steps by which nominees are selected from among qualified applicants to select the most suitable individuals for the available positions.

The simple resolution of the recruitment is to create a candidate fitness form to qualify the selection of the most outstanding candidates for the association by alluring more and more workers to apply, while the elementary persistence of the selection procedure is to choose the right candidate to fill the various positions in the association. Recruitment is a constructive process that encourages more workers to come forward and apply, while selection is a costly procedure because it contains the process of rejecting unsuitable applicants.

Recruitment is eager to appoint with the help of human resources, while selection is concerned with choosing the most suitable candidate among many interviews and evaluations. There is no recognized agreement in recruitment, while the consequence of selection is a work agreement between the company and the appointed worker.

The entire recruitment process is quick, easy and straightforward and does not require that much time, while all aspects of selection are generally complex and time-consuming and require many obstacles in the form of different levels of selection. Recruitment advertises the job through a different form of advertising such as newspapers, internet, etc. On the other hand, in the selection there is a form of designation for a job offer such as sending forms, tests, interviews, etc.

Comparison chart

Recruitment Selection
It is a search activity for candidates and encourages them to apply It is a method of choosing more capable and suitable workers.
Getting closer
Positive Negative
Economic Expensive
Simple Complicated
first Second
consume time
takes less time more time required
job advertising Nomination of the candidate

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the method of searching, discovering, and recruiting candidates for a particular job or site. It is a progression of looking for conceivable candidates and motivating them to apply for the genuine or expected opportunity.

Recruitment inaugurates the interaction between contenders and owners. A hiring strategy is correctly specifying all the purposes of employment. It offers an inclusive training of the rules and regulations of the different stages and the execution of the complete contracting package.

It’s an easy progression and the nominees don’t have to jump too many hurdles. It is an enlightened approach. Inspire a significant number of job applicants and progressively invite more candidates to apply for the available position. It also fascinates employees with advertising. Advertising is a normal part of the recruitment procedure so that candidates can get information about the job offer and can easily apply. Companies notify job vacancies through numerous ways, such as through newspapers, through specialized publications, using advertisements located in stands, through a job center, through interviews on campus through the Internet , through magazines and many more.

The main intention of a recruitment process is to drive a high number of interested applicants for a real job. Affected applicants do not have to face many complications to get the companies of their interest. The entire contracting procedure is simple and less cumbersome. Recruitment is deliberate as a constructive attitude and inspires all the people who approach to present their job applications. And it is a comparatively cheaper and faster method.

What is selection?

Selection is a process of recruiting staff or top contestants and providing them with a job in the association. Selection is a sequence of stages through which the organization chooses the most relevant, capable and effective candidate for the vacant positions.

Selection sounds like a negative way of electing a member because it contains the right to reject incompatible candidates and elect the right person. The selection also takes a long time to start the process and complete the whole process. In general, it is a challenging process. You have to face any obstacles throughout the process because corporations with vacancies make the applicants involved go through many different levels of screening, such as filling and submitting forms, written tests, interviews, medical tests, etc.

HR managers play the role of sorting out the right candidate for the position, besides all these, educational requirement, experience, age, etc., there are some more necessary characteristics that they have to reward extra attention on, and then the printed exam and The conversation is also a very difficult mission. That is why it is an expensive procedure and it takes a long time to complete the requirements.

The number of candidates is being reduced in the selection process, and in the end, only the best suitable candidates for the position remain. After completing the lengthy process, the letter of appointment is sent to the candidate. In the selection process, employees and employers must sign an employment contract and are subject to some rules of the organization.

Key differences

  1. Recruitment is a process of finding candidates, while selection means choosing the best candidates from the list.
  2. Hiring is a positive process; on the other hand, selection is a painful process.
  3. Recruitment aims to invite more candidates; conversely, the goal of selection is to reject unsuitable candidates.
  4. Recruitment is a simple activity; on the other hand, selection is a complex activity.
  5. Recruitment consumes less time. On the other hand, selection wastes more time.
  6. Recruitment is a reasonable progression. Rather, selection is an exclusive method.
  7. Recruitment does not have a prescription association between employers and employees, while selection is jointly insured by the employment contract.

Final Thought

Both Recruitment and Selection support choosing the exact candidate for the exact column because the achievement of any corporation depends on its employees. If the employee is impeccable for a profession, then the entire association will appreciate the benefits of his crowning achievement.

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