Difference between real boobs and fake boobs

Main difference

It has been a long debate since women are getting their breast implants and one can know that it is not too old concept (process) as it has created quite a stir in recent years. In the midst of all this, the question arises what is the real difference between real and fake breasts. There are many differences as in fake breasts women get silicone or saline implants in their breasts through surgery, but people wonder how one can tell the difference between them just by looking at them out of bed or in bed. Many people have elaborated on their personal experiences exploring both types of breasts, however, we cannot get an accurate difference just by seeing that technology is gaining ground and fake breasts look more like real ones.

What are real breasts?

They are droopy, soft and indefinitely shaped like a pear and mostly not perfectly shaped like a soccer ball or melon. The most common observation that is seen is that people jump to conclusions and call each one big boobs fake. This happens when one sees a bigger tit than they had not seen before, they simply comment on it by calling it a fake tit. These people are unaware of the fact that naturally blessed breasts are also huge in size and it is not the obligation that all big boos be obtained after surgery. Here it should be known that a US woman holds the record for the largest real breasts and the gigantic size can be exemplified as she used to wear a US size 52I bra.

What are fake boobs?

The phrase ‘size does matter’ might be the most noticed or idealized phrase in the entire world, as most people still dream of having bigger things, which they interpret as bigger is better. This is not only the case for women who want to have big breasts, it is also a concern for men who want to have a big penis. As mentioned above, in recent years breast implantation is quite popular and is being chosen by women all over the world. But at the same time it is also said that American women mainly choose this implantation. Hereby, it is worth mentioning that according to the statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2013 more than 290,000 women underwent breast augmentation.

Key differences

  1. If you ever experience touching a boob, you can tell the difference between a real boob and a fake boob, as a real boob is quite soft and can be easily squeezed, while fake breasts are comparatively hard to real boobs and cannot be squeezed. . that easy.
  2. When a girl with real boobs jumps, dances or runs, the boob moves enthusiastically, in the same way your body moves, although in real boobs they stay in their real place and no such movement is experienced.
  3. If you see bare boobs or a girl in a tank top and notice the scars between her breasts, around the nipple or near her armpits, you might think they are fake, as they could be the scars from surgery, which she would have had after surgery. the breast implants.
  4. When one wears the clothes without a bra, one can accurately differentiate between real and fake breasts, because if they were real, they might be folded down or have more movement due to their flexibility, on the other hand, fake breasts will be stiff without no noteworthy notes. movement.
  5. Most of the women have around 2-3 inches gap between their two breasts and if the distance between both breasts is less than the gap mentioned above, it could be due to the surgery where the breasts are fixed closely to make it more sexy.
  6. If you listen to it in a quiet room, you might hear the splashing sound when a girl with fake boobs walks, as this is due to the saline implants. And the sound is produced when both breasts rub against each other. Although, there is no such case, when it comes to boobs at home.
  7. A study also reveals that when a woman is lying down, the approximate distance between her nipples and her chin is around 10 inches, but that can vary in the one with fake breasts.

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