Difference between Ram and Lamb

Ram and lamb are two words used to refer to sheep or lambs in two different stages of their lives. Lambs are the young of the sheep and rams are the older males. Sheep are a type of cattle (sheep) whose farming is practiced in almost all the world and which is very important for most civilizations.

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What is it? A lamb is a young animal, always less than one year old, of the genus Ovis . Although there are several species that can receive this name, they are almost always domestic sheep. As for a ram, it is a specimen older than one year of a sheep. Ram is used to refer to males, although some people also use this word to refer to the entire species.
Use Lambs can be raised for their meat. Lamb is prized for its meat, in fact. To consume it, the lamb must be more than one month old and less than one year old. In addition, it must weigh between 5.5 and 25 kilos. Ram is the name given to the type of meat that comes from sheep that can no longer be considered lambs. From the ram you can also take advantage of its wool, skin, tallow and others.
Cultural aspects Throughout history, both in religion and culture, lambs have symbolized characteristics such as innocence, youth, docility, purity and sweetness. In ancient times they used to be sacrificed to the gods. The ram is the first zodiac sign, Aries. In some cultures they were directly related to gods. In addition, they can be included with the sheep, which represent characteristics such as lack of initiative, simplicity, ignorance, kindness, etc.

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