Difference Between Racism and Discrimination

If we refer to a deeper topic, the social relationships between people have become difficult to understand and explain. In the past, human beings have endured different conflicts for the simple fact of having different ideologies.

These situations have been increasing and are manifested in several societies where each responds to different names. Among which we find racism and discrimination that bear a slight comparison, since they are used to publicize different aspects.

What is racism?

It is considered a discriminating attitude. People of different races are considered inferior compared to them. One person tends to reject another for traits that make him different from her point of view.

Skin color is considered the main characteristic of racism, it seeks to diminish the human rights of the discriminated person for the simple fact of being of a different race.

What is discrimination?

It is all kinds of attitude that belittles other people, these actions are not limited to anything to take people of different sex, race, religion, nationality and even disability as worthless beings.

All this is based on the reasons for discriminating against another person, who will choose a different way to refer to it, such as xenophobia, discriminating against a foreigner or as a sexist person.

Difference Between Racism and Discrimination

  • The main characteristic of racism is to reject a person of a different race, while discrimination is to belittle people for any reason.
  • Racism was legal in the US where people were separated by their skin color, so much so that racism is still in force in several places where the activities of a woman are limited.
  • Racism has a well-defined rejection of people of a different race, however, racism does not have specific reasons for its actions.
  • Generally, the racist focuses on the color of the skin, while discrimination focuses on foreigners, women, homosexuals, among others.

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