Difference Between Quoting and Paraphrasing

Main difference

We have all been using these techniques for a long time, but still many are confused to differentiate or say the real idea of ​​both words. Instead of jumping right into these words, we’d like you to know where these words came from and how long we’ve been using both techniques. Somehow we can call Quoting and Paraphrasing as two of the techniques to perform our academic tasks. All of this was to avoid plagiarism and to test our own capabilities with some known facts in mind. When quoting, we write exactly someone, mostly the saying of a widely known person in quotation marks.While doing this, the citation is also done, indicating who this quote belongs to and when it was said. Whereas, paraphrasing is a different form than quoting,

What is the quote?

Using this in academic writing gives a nod to the verifier that the person has solid knowledge and knows the interference of the famous person or the person related to the context. While the paraphrase of the writers name is kept in bold or sometimes the whole quote is kept in bold to indicate that it is the important point and is interrelated with all the written content. Most of the time, the quotes added when writing an academic post are from the legends of the field and are given to give reference to the context and make the writing more enduring and objective.

What is paraphrasing?

As many times you may have heard that copying all the content while doing academic writing makes your content thinner and even considered useless as being part of the work getting autogenerated work from your side is also one of the goals of their teachers. . The best way to do this is to not just opt ​​for the synonyms and have them swap, as it’s kind of a content spin. In the actual means of paraphrasing, you change the pace, style and structure or even narrate it as you have perceived it. At some stages, while the writers paraphrase they also show their own creativity, which is often ‘okay’, since all this is to rewrite what is written in a better way, even to write the idea that comes from it.Key differences

  1. When citing the famous saying or relevant saying it is written exactly the same as it is said, while when paraphrasing the real idea is the same but it is written differently it means change of vocabulary, structure or with any other option.
  2. While quoting someone’s saying and not quoting it could put you in danger as it may break any law, while paraphrasing does not mark any quote as it is considered the writer’s own content.
  3. Quotations are mainly made from the sayings of celebrities, while paraphrasing can be done from anyone’s content, which gives you a complete idea and has some logic.
  4. Quotations are written in quotation marks, since it is exactly the same saying of a person, while the paraphrase is not written in quotation marks, since it is their way of taking the matter.
  5. Mainly, quotations are used sparingly in the content; on the other hand, the most of his writing is paraphrasing while doing an academic task.

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